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Find best sales training consultant in 3 steps

Without any doubt, sales business training is the best way to learn sales techniques especially if you are a sales beginner and want to excel in this profession. It is a fact that in start of this profession, you will …

Stress less

3 Ways to beat stress

How do you define, “Relaxation?”  This tool is a necessity for our daily life as we stress due to many factors including: job security, school work, love life, and more…

Here are the 5 tips of beating stress:

1.  Find …


Pushing Positivity & Neglecting Negativity


We, as students, suffer from many problems with time management and keeping the sanity within our social lives intact. As we grow older, we tend to negate the happier things in our lives and we always put ourselves down …

stand up

Stand up

       Standup: An Anonymous Schoolviraler
We are living in a time when we accept everything but phenomenal. The great people out there are looked down upon. The ones who stay up late to finish work are

Pros & Cons Of Cramming


Good grades only symbolizes that a student is doing pretty well in their studies, but not everyone could get that kind of grades because they’ll have to go through different challenges to prove that they deserve it. Every student …


Social Media and Your Job Search

Did you know that a professional stand out resume does not guarantee your desired job?  It is all about connection and how you present yourself on social medias:

Here are the tips to help you get ahead in job competition:…


On the wrong side of justice

We’ve said it from our own mouths many, many times. If you represent a community of minorities that exist within America, you have probably heard it from decades and decades of those older than you. However, the disturbing façade that


Who are your real friends in college?

Written by: TJ Curran

The real friends in college should be:

The people who understand that work always come before partying/having fun

Those who want you to succeed as mush as they do

People who will not put you in …


Study for the test the right way to get 100

Written by: Dara(Peter) Svay

1.  Your notes:

It is important to have good notes.  These notes are helpful for your study.  Unfortunately, in school, nobody teaches us how to take good notes, so it is up to us to organize …

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